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Wildlife Pond Design


Putting pen to paper, transforming earth to water.

We can take you through every stage of the design process

to bring a beautiful water feature to your garden.

"Harry was a delight to work with. He listened to our ideas, considered how the pond would look from different viewpoints in the house, suggested various layouts, pegged out the footprint and altered it as we looked at it. He provided detailed design drawings through the process. We were very pleased with the overall design experience - nicely collaborative."

Previous Design Projects

Our Design Process

Initial Assessment

After you make contact with us we'll get back in touch to learn more about you and your vision. No vision? No problem! A little bit of paperwork and we'll be on our way to working out what works best for you, your garden and your wildlife.

Site Survey

Formalities done, we'll arrange an appointment to meet with you and talk all things wild. Time for details - we'll take sizes, make sketches and talk about siting specifics & requirements. We'll have plenty of material on hand to finesse your ideas and dreams.

Project Commission

You've got our design proposal and detailed plan, numbers and all, and we're almost there. Queries may arise and we'll gladly walk you through them.

A new water feature is exciting. Ready to get booked in? Now the fun begins. 



Proudly pushing a wilder approach to pond & garden creation;

Determined to protect the environment along the way. 


Contact Us

We'd love to hear more about your wildlife pond!



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