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Wildlife Pond Building

Created for nature, built to last.

Bespoke pond construction with an ecological beating heart.

WildWater were superb throughout the build of our wildlife pond. From the initial design meeting to the end of construction they kept us involved and informed. We are absolutely thrilled with our pond which looks totally natural within our garden. 
We would certainly recommend WildWater.

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What makes a WildWater pond?

Strong & Beautiful

Building wildlife ponds the right way - standing up to the challenge of time whilst instantly blending into its surroundings. Sub-lining foundations are included as standard, with our creative finish carefully applied so you'll never know it's there. Strong, beautiful and, most importantly, long-lasting.

Bespoke Construction

No cookie cutter ponds here! We use raw materials and salvage decorative pieces to give you something individual. Our ponds are naturally unique.

From first meeting we'll work out a pond that is truly yours - a wild & enjoyable happy place. And when we build it, we'll make sure it's just that.

Expertly Crafted

WildWater have over 10 years of aquatic experience, working with all of the latest methods and technology the industry has had to offer. Over this time, we have enhanced our skills to create beautiful wild ponds, streams & waterfalls.

A crafted passion for all things wild - one of the best tools in our arsenal to date.






Proudly pushing a wilder approach to pond & garden creation;

Determined to protect the environment along the way. 


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We'd love to hear more about your wildlife pond!



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