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The WildWater Way

We love our planet and take every step we can to protect and nurture it.

It starts with our pond culture, but it's so much more.

Nature Minded

All of our new pond designs focus on highly economical, enviro-friendly systems, displacing the old mindset of throwaway consumables sold for a healthy pond. We give nature the chance it deserves.

We avoid the use of UVC to sustain a better balance of life, instead using the power of plants and proper maintenance techniques to achieve the biodiversity that we all want to see, a relief for Mother Nature.

The WildWater team regularly visit local wild spots for inspiration and education, learning from the best!

Waste Conscious

Our ponds are built from locally sourced materials and aim for our creations to last a lifetime.

In our work, all of our construction and office waste is screened for recycling, most of our packaging is reused and we offer a product top up service to reduce packaging waste tremendously. 

We are constantly assessing and adapting our methods to produce as little waste as possible.

Power Savvy

We want to create water gardens with reduced energy usage at the forefront of their demands.

Timed control systems are used to get the most economical and energy efficient use out of all components through the changing seasonal demands. Pumps are selected for their energy efficiency. UV usage is avoided completely. All lighting is low voltage LED. The list goes on.

We only work within Leicestershire to reduce our mileage, which we offset on UK tree planting each year. 

Wild Support

We're building as many wildlife ponds and habitats as we can. But there's always room to do more!

We hold regular stands at local National Garden Scheme open garden events, supporting their cause and raising money for charity. Here we sell products & plants, with 50% of our takings donated.

We are also annual corporate supporters of the Froglife charity.

People Power

We're always looking for opportunities to help the community to grow their wild spaces. 

During the 2020 Summer lockdown we were delighted to assist a local community collective with the development of a new wildlife pond and garden project - enjoyed now by the village residents!

In 2022 we worked with Cossington Primary School to bring their pond and wildlife area back to life

Children learning outside, surrounded by nature. We're a little jealous!

Cossington Primary School

NGS Open Garden Stand

Find out when and where our next pop up stand will be!


Proud to be pushing for a wilder approach to ponds and gardens;

Determined to protect the environment along the way. 


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