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Pond Management Services

Keeping your water wild and your mind at ease.

Custom maintenance programmes to take the stress out of your pond management.

Maintenance Madness?! 

Or Pond-Keeping Pleasure?

With over 10 years of pond keeping experience, we've dealt with a lot of pondy problems!

The stress of aggressive algae blooms, plants running wild or just disappointment with the outcome of your hard spent time - we're here to help get things back on track.

Whether it's a complete overhaul or regular servicing, with contracts operating all over Leicestershire & Rutland we are confident we can find a plan for you and fulfill it to your pond's highest potential.

Always professional, friendly and reliable. 

Harry and Wild Water are a great company.

Previous Pond Reboots

What Pond?

Over pollution from years of heavy debris and run off caused this pond to lose control of its natural balance, resulting in heavy algae blooms and vegetation overgrowth...


This pond had slipped over to the dark side.

Over many years it had become overgrown, out of control, with algae galore and no water in sight.

But all was not lost... 

Revitalised & Renaturalised!

New coir matting planting installations surrounding the entire pond will reduce water run off pollution and increase native biodiversity, bringing this pond back to life and turning it into a garden gem!

Welcome Back!

Cleaned, chopped and controlled.

This pond was brought back in order, with a clear out and redesign of the existing planting with some new additional varieties. Now it sparkles!

WildWater Pond Management...

Monthly Pond Management

Customised schedules the needs of your pond, including all technical pond care, planting maintenance and natural supplement products. 

These services run March to December on a simple pay-as-we-pond basis - so you can rest assured you're getting value alongside experience.

Seasonal Pond Care

We recommend monthly visits for a fully enjoyable pond experience, but sometimes budgets or preferences require a reduced frequency.

We can offer Spring, Summer, Autumn & Winter visits to help manage the challenges posed by each varying season and the care required.

Reactive Emergency Calls

"Don't panic! Don't panic!" 

Wise words - appropriate when we are on hand for all major pond emergencies. 

Emergency responses within 24 hours for any major incident, getting you back on track ASAP. Fully included with our full maintenance package.

...With Compassion At It's Core

Wildlife Care & Courtesy

More than ever, a pond needs it's wildlife. And it's wildlife need a habitat. 

Our techniques are designed to encourage and enhance the biodiversity and life in your pond, in the process developing a truly wild habitat in your own garden. 

Be it spawning frogs, mating newts or egg laying insects. We work to protect them all.

Ecologically Conscious Approach

Our pond management techniques ensure a sustainable approach to caring for your water feature, it's inhabitants, any waste products and the environment as a whole.

Each pond is unique in it's ecological offering and we will assess and develop a customised approach to each individual pond management service to honour this.

Pond-Friendly Product Range

Over the years we have developed a pond care product range that works to naturally balance the water, control algae blooms and encourage your pond to thrive.

Our customers benefit from a re-fill service to combine savings your pocket & landfill!

Pond Transformation - IN THREE MONTHS!​

Putting green pond... - September

Polluted, out of balance and virtually lost. Our client approached us disheartened and desperate for a solution.

The same pond! - December

We customised a routine monthly service package and brought this pond back to life before the year was out!


Proud to be pushing for a wilder approach to ponds and gardens;

Determined to protect the environment along the way. 


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