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Expert Creators Of  Wildlife Ponds & Water Gardens

From babbling brooks, to crashing cascades and peaceful pools. 

This is where our expertise lie and it's the beating heart of any garden and eco-system. 

For over 10 years WildWater has been developing ponds across Leicestershire into beautiful wild spaces.

A family business with truly wild hearts. 

Explore our website to see how we can help you.

Why Choose WildWater


Wildlife First

We want to enhance gardens and ponds all around us - making them wonderful wildlife playgrounds. It's at the forefront of our designs, planting selections and everything that we do at WildWater. 

Growing Together

Close customer contact is key to us. 

We'll enjoy watching your wildlife oasis grow each season as much as you will.

We'll always be on hand to guide you and develop your WildWater garden.

Quality Results

As a small, passionate business it is vital we give the best results to our clients.

We strive to achieve the highest standards in the gardens we work with.

Results for you, satisfaction for us.

The pond is both healthy and attractive all year round. 

The plants thrive and look amazing. 

Highly recommended.


Proud to be pushing for a wilder approach to ponds and gardens;

Determined to protect the environment along the way. 

A Few Pond Projects...

Still Ponds For Wildlife

Healthy and balanced ponds, without the expensive hardware - Built by WildWater in 2022

The plants they supply are excellent quality. We have worked with them over a number of years to develop our pond planting & bog garden. 

Harry's under​standing of the look we wanted to achieve was impressive. 

His vision for how it will develop over time is outstanding. 


Google Review - See more here


Contact Us

We'd love to hear more about your wildlife pond!



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