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Pond Planting Services & Supply

Plants, glorious plants...

The finishing touch on your garden's beautiful water feature - and the most important part!

The company provides excellent advice on the type of plants best suited to the ponds. I have been more than satisfied with the results.

How Can WildWater Help You?

An Expert Eye For Detail

We will advise on the right plants for your pond.

Size, scale, colour and interest are some of the key factors on every scheme - rest assured your planting selection is designed exclusively around you. 

Instant Impact Planting

Sometimes customers want an instant impact on their pond, the wow factor from the get go.

We can supply larger, more mature stock for a fast revamp which is ready to perform right away.

Floating Gems

Water lilies of all colours, sizes and beautiful varieties available to be delivered and installed ready for Summer bliss. We'll be able to specify the correct variety for your pond size and depth.

Go A Little Further

Give your pond inhabitants that extra bit of habitat with a wildflower pond surround. It looks great too!

We can use a specialised growing medium or instant turf to give you guaranteed stunning results.


The Price Is Right!

Our plant prices are competitive with any online super retailers.

Shop small - we will make sure to take care of you.

Our Planting Promise

Customised Planting Design

Each plant design starts with a visit to meet you and your pond and ask you both what you need. We'll assess lighting, location, preferences and wildlife requirements to make sure your individual plan is just right for you both.

Wildlife Enhancement Focus

Be it frogs spawning, newts laying or bugs... bugging, your selection is focused on the wildlife that call your watery garden home. All designs feature plants which flower Spring- Autumn to vitally support pollinators.

Quality Planting Stock

We health check all of our plants before they reach you, to ensure that you will enjoy their blooming brilliance. Our suppliers are of award winning grade supplying us with the highest quality UK grown plant stock. 

Satisfaction Guaranteed

We want you to be really really happy. It just makes life better. 

We offer 12 months warranty on all plants professionally installed by our team. 

We offer a lifetime guarantee on all plants professionally maintained by our team.


Much Larger Pond?

Consider our planted coir matting installations for an instant impact and cost effective solution. 

We do extra large water lilies too!

Lots of great ideas from Harry on plants to make our pond look beautiful - followed up by delivery and planting, and then always there for advice and to answer questions. 

Highly recommended.


Proud to be pushing for a wilder approach to ponds and gardens;

Determined to protect the environment along the way. 


Contact Us

We'd love to hear more about your wildlife pond!



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